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Financial education affects many areas of our lives. In order to close all (educational) gaps, we evaluate, develop and implement. The results are effective products that are cast in various forms: digital e-learning tools, apps, multi-media campaigns, classic workshops and much more.

A free, self-determined life without money worries.
A big target.

A target that we can only achieve together – that is why we need co-operation.

Does your company recognise the crucial nature of the topic, want to take responsibility and to convey financial education to its target groups? Are you looking for a partner who will provide holistic input and ideas and pour them into new forms, along with your thoughts and goals? Then we are just right for you!

Currently we are working on the following projects, among others:

Three Coins Finanzbildung Ko-Entwicklung
Three Coins Finanzbildung Ko-Entwicklung

Finance app

Numbers cause stress. Money causes stress. We have developed a new method to convey healthy money management – completely without stress:

The smartphone app MoneyBubble is the daily companion, which provides an overview of your own finances and prevents being stressed by money issues in order to make anyone and everyone a financial competency hero – in a playful way and with a low entry threshold.

The MoneyBubblers (users of the app) are supported step by step on their path through a gamified training program and are motivated by challenges to learn and adapt their behaviour. A convincing and novel design as well as a motivating, low-threshold language have inspired those who have tested it out so far.

Formats for parents

Pocket money, first smartphone, in-app purchases and wild consumer reality, children and teenagers increasingly being the target of marketing activities… The challenges that parents face today are huge. In addition, they are often unsure about their own finances.

We have seen an increasing demand from young parents who want to learn more about financial education in order to give their children a good start to their financial lives. To get started on the subject, we have already developed videos. Currently, we work on a comprehensive package of activities and plays for children to start into their own financial life – Moni-box.

Three Coins zum Thema Geld für Eltern

Joining forces
for a better life


Is your company cares about financial education? You want to do something to help more people lead a free and self-determined life? We are happy to support you in this.

Three Coins Finanzbildung Beratung

Basics workshop:
Your financial literacy strategy

In our basics workshop, you will gain insight into the challenges of lack of financial literacy. We point out why we do what we do and what we value. We clear the confusion of definitions up and present best practices, both locally and internationally.

Together, we will work out how the topic of financial education can be tackled or developed authentically in your organisation – from stakeholder analysis via concepts through to specific next steps.

Individual project support

If the subject of financial literacy is already anchored in your mentality or you are already working on a project, we will gladly support you and your team in strategic and content-related questions. We are happy to share with you our expertise and experience from the last eight years in the field of financial education so that you do not have to re-invent the wheel. Our repertoire ranges from knowledge of financial education and behavioural sciences via the correct approach to different target groups, gamification and games up to technology and suitable media choices as well as impact measurement.

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impactful formats


As a social business, the broad impact of our formats is our highest priority. That is why we are spreading our proven formats through licensing. The fields of application are different and our formats can be adapted. They reach young people in their spare time, at school, in social institutions and youth groups or in your company. This way, we create a significant multiplier effect. With our licensing partners, we are playing a pioneering role in the field of innovative and effective educational formats.

Examples of our licensing options are:

Connect play with learning.
We have done it.

CURE Runners is our multi-award-winning flagship product. A smart phone game about the mysterious CURE is being used as an entry point into an interactive financial education workshop for teens. The game was developed in co-operation with one of the leading providers in the field of serious games, ovos media, and is currently in use in Austria, Germany, Northern Italy and Switzerland. In 2014, it was presented as Best Practice by the OECD. You can find further information directly on the CURE Runners website.

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Financially fit in just 5 weeks –
Our Financial EmpowerCamp

An e-mail bootcamp for financial health tailored to personal financial behaviour  – that is the Financial EmpowerCamp. Over a period of five weeks, each week we deliver an individual compilation of helpful tips and tricks, rules of thumb and challenges for a more sustainable approach to money – directly into your inbox.

Our licensing partners

We strengthen, impart
and enable


We know a lot of methods and tools to teach financial skills effectively and we use them in workshops with different target groups. In addition, we provide all means to spread financial literacy to people that work with our target groups themselves.

Play and experience.

All our methods of financial education aim at longterm behavioural change. This is why we use a playful approach, intuitive rules of thumb and challenges that can easily be transferred into real life.

Made to measure for
our target groups.

The younger you benefit from financial education, the more sustainable it influences your future handling of money. This is why we have developed specific educational programmes for the following target groups:

  • Reading for pupils from 6 years on
  • School workshops for students from 13 years on
  • Series of workshops for apprentices
  • Training for youth workers and other people working with teenagers
  • Workshops for parents

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