Who is behind Three Coins

Financial literacy for
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The Core Team

Behind Three Coins stands a team of motivated people from different backgrounds dedicated to pioneering new ways of conveying a responsible approach to money.

My most important rule of thumb:
The ultimate formula for spending money: half of my money is for things I “need”, one third for things I “want”, and the rest is for saving or investing.


My most important rule of thumb:

The first expense of the month is for my future me – part of my salary is dedicated to saving.


My most important rule of thumb:

I always have at least three monthly salaries at the side – so I can sleep peacefully.


Talking about money
with youth

Our Trainers

Three Coins Sozialunternehmen Trainer Michael

I appreciate that Three Coins broaches such an important issue that frequently isn’t talked about in our society, but concerns all of us. And they do it in a very innovative way.

Three Coins Sozialunternehmen Trainerin Elena

In my work with Three Coins I’m motivated by working with innovative methods in order to convey money management skills that make people more selfconfident in the future.

Photo © Mira Nograsek

Three Coins Sozialunternehmen Trainer Benni

Money is a topic that is not addressed frequently enough. Three Coins changes that! Important skills are taught in an exciting way, which motivates me to support this social business.

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