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For companies

Money stress not only damages personal well-being but also has a negative impact on organisations, the economy and society. The consequences range from stress-related illnesses to the withdrawal from civil society of those affected. Companies play an important role as leaders and can make a difference in the area of financial literacy.


Financial literacy is one of the most important life skills of the 21st century. To promote the topic, we research, develop, evaluate and implement –  preferably together with partners.


With our many years of experience in research and development in the field of financial literarcy, we support the successful implementation of projects in this area – also in your company.

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For parents

Children today are growing up in an increasingly fast-paced reality. In addition, they are the target of countless advertising messages. This poses great challenges for parents: how much pocket money is appropriate? What does my child really need and how do I deal with special requests? We want to stand at your side and have developed special formats addressing the needs of parents.

SCHOTTERBANDE, the game for a playful start of your financial life

“Schotterbande” is a board game that fascinates kids because of its super hero story and enables them to develop important competencies in managing money. The contents are specifically tailored to the stage of development and the needs of elementary school pupils. In addition, an accompanying booklet for parents provides them with useful tools to approach important topics in an age-appropriate way.

SCHOTTERBANDE was launched through a crowdfunding campaign in 2021. Currently, you can purchase one of the few remaining copies on

The development of “Schotterbande” was sponsored by aws impulse XS by BMDW and handled by aws.

Videos for parents

A lot of parents are insecure about how to talk with their children about money in a way that’s appropriate for their age. As children learn the most within their family, that’s where they make their first steps to their financial life – therefore, the parents’ role is crucial.

To prepare parents for the numerous questions and challenges, we have developed a video series for ING in Austria.

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For schools

Behavioural patterns already develop in early childhood. Therefore, it is never too early to talk about money. Three Coins has developed specific formats for both primary school students and youth to take the first steps towards a sustainable money attitude.

Reading – Money for Sale

Already at primary school age one can discuss topics related to money with children – after all, everybody has desires, fears and dreams. During our reading, we address these issues and discuss different aspects of money in an open atmosphere.

One-hour readings for children from 6 to 10 years.

Financial Competency Workshops

During these workshops, we put an emphasis on self-reflexion regarding one’s own consumer and spending behaviour. In addition, we convey basic skills for a sustainable money management in a playful way and with examples close to real life. Topics that we discuss and work on with the students are budgeting, consumerism, indebtedness and the digital world.

2.5-hour workshops for teens from 13 to 17 years.

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For apprentices

With the first salary, the first ideas of freedom develop –  and there you are, already ensnared in consumer traps. Harmful behavioural patterns concerning money develop quickly. For appprentices, the numbers are particularly alarming: every third one has already had experience with reminders, late payments and collection in the first year of training. This is why it’s especially important to talk about money with this target group.

Make apprentices financially fit.

Our educational format for apprentices has been especially designed for the needs of the target group. It is so flexible that it can be used in a (vocational) school environment as well as directly in the company. In order to generate the greatest possible added value, we are happy to tailor it to the specific needs of your business.

Multi-level. Modular. Close to real life.

To achieve the greatest impact, our program is anchored in training over the long term in a way that at the end of their training, apprentices have all the skills to lead a life without money worries  –  and pay attention to the financials of your business too!

A selection of our modules:

  • I have a/no plan – Budget and Co.
  • Too much month at the end of the money – Indebtedness and over-indebtedness
  • Better safe than sorry – Business skills and risk
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For youth workers

Young people grow up in a fast, digital financial and consumer reality. Status and peer pressure are particularly strong in this target group. Safe learning environments are necessary for a safe start to financial life. Youth workers speak the language of young people and support them wherever they can. Therefore, we are particularly concerned to include them as multipliers.

Especially for the needs of (open) youth work.

Our one-day workshop for youth workers shows ways to competently address sustainable attitudes towards money with young people. Youth workers receive tools to work and reflect with young people about their fears, desires, attitudes and behavioural patterns concerning money. The workshop content was developed with experts from youth and social work, debt counselling and education.

Interactive, hands-on training.

The presented content and activities can be used with little time and great flexibility. We focus on easy-to-understand rules of thumb, self-reflection and consumer awareness. The training is designed interactively  – the participants can experience the effects of the presented interventions themselves. A detailed guideline facilitates the independent use of the same.

Amongst others, the following topics are covered:

  • You are what you have – Consumer behaviour
  • YOLO – Life in the Now
  • I would love to be a millionaire – (Too) much money, and now?

Want to know more?

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