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Financial literacy for today and tomorrow

Behind Three Coins stands a team of experts from the fields of economy, pedagogics, project management, training and behavioural science. The joint goal: To convey financial literacy to as may people as possible in a practical and impactful way together with the public hand, NGOs and private organisations.

Goran Maric, BSc (WU)


Managing Director

The ultimate formula for spending money: half of my money is for things I need, one third for things I want, and the rest is for saving or investing.”

Mag.a Lena Gugenberger, MBA


Head of Operations

“I always have at least three monthly salaries at the side – so I can sleep peacefully.”

Theresa Graf, MSc (WU)


Project Lead

“Before spending higher amounts of money, I ask myself, if i really need it or if I just want to have it right now.”

Julia Vlahovic, MSc (WU), BA


Project Lead

“For me it is very important to have a good overview of my earnings and my spendings – especially to have irregular costs on the radar. This way I always know: What does life really cost?”

Team Geldleben

Cindy Aumayr-Schmid, MSc (WU), BA


Daniel Hartmann


Verena Henneberger


Nina Kargl


Teresa Münch


Mag.a phil. Birgit Valbuena-Lenger


Peter Wöber


Taking financial literacy further

Katharina Norden
Co-Founder & Ex-CEO

Eva Gruber im #WORKINGPEOPLE Portrait; Picture by & Copyright: Marko @zlouma Zlousic,

Eva-Bettina Gruber

Contributers and Trainers


PR & Communications

The financial education formats developed by Three Coins aren’t reserved for specific social classes and are available to anybody. I’m happy to support such an inclusive educational approach.



In my work with Three Coins I’m motivated by working with innovative methods in order to convey money management skills that make people more selfconfident in the future.



Managing one’s money consciously is fundamental to a self-determined life. That’s why it is so important that Three Coins conveys financial education in an inspiring way.



As a social worker I’m regularly confronted with the serious effects of poverty and over-indebtedness. Togehter with Three Coins I can do valuable preventive work and accompany young people on their way into a self-determined money life.

Photo © Peter Griesser



The topic of money accompanies us every day and through all phases of life. A conscious and open approach to it is the basis for a financially carefree life. As a trainer at Three Coins, I am proud to be able to inform and inspire students with compact money knowledge.

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