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About us

Behind Three Coins stands a team of experts from the fields of economy, pedagogics, project management, training and behavioural science. The joint goal: To convey financial literacy to as may people as possible in a practical and impactful way together with the public hand, NGOs and private organisations.

Goran Maric, BSc (WU)


Managing Director

Personal rule of thumb

The ultimate formula for spending money: half of my money is for things I need, one third for things I want, and the rest is for saving or investing.

Mag.a Lena Gugenberger, MBA


Head of Operations

Personal rule of thumb

I always have at least three monthly salaries at the side – so I can sleep peacefully.

Theresa Graf, MSc (WU)


Project Lead

Personal rule of thumb

Before spending higher amounts of money, I ask myself, if i really need it or if I just want to have it right now.

Arian Hartwig, MA


Project Staff

Personal rule of thumb

New mobile phone? Sleep on it for a night first! I take time to compare prices and set price alarms, so I get a feeling for what certain things are worth to me personally.

Team Geldleben

As part of our current milestone project “Bildung & Beratung Geldleben”, well-trained advisors support us in passing on financial education.

Taking financial literacy further

Katharina Norden
Co-Founder & Ex-CEO

Eva Gruber im #WORKINGPEOPLE Portrait; Picture by & Copyright: Marko @zlouma Zlousic,

Eva-Bettina Gruber

Three Coins-Trainers






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