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Talking about money is no taboo

Three Coins is a social business that develops and implements financial literacy projects. We are convinced that increased financial skills are one of the greatest levers for handle for self-determination, equal opportunities and a healthy economy. For that reason, we want to impart financial competency to as many people as possible in a practical and impactful way. In order to achieve this goal, we work with the public hand, NGOs and private organisations.

Our offer covers consulting, workshops and format development, like amongst others e-learning tools, games and awareness campaigns.

Our formats are disseminated by digital as well as non-digital applications or by multipliers such as youth workers, trainee trainers, teachers, parents or even bank advisers to reach as many people in the target group as possible and to have the greatest impact. Behavioural and experiential learning is in the foreground.

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This is what the media say about us …

Wien heute

07.06.2024 | For the fifth time, outstanding financial literacy projects by pupils were honoured at KARDEA! This was reported on by Wien heute, among others. See for yourself!

03.06.2024 | Together with colleagues from Bildung & Beratung Geldleben, Lena was able to explore the question of what financial education has to do with equality for Curious? This way!

Magazin Lebensart

02.04.2024 | The magazine “Lebensart” is dedicating its second issue 2024 to the topic of “green money”. Lena was allowed to talk about the importance of financial education at a young age. Read it here!

Wien heute

08.03.2024 | Under the motto “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality”, the Vienna Stock Exchange organised a panel discussion to mark International Women’s Day, in which Lena was also a guest. Wien heute reported. Further information on the event can be found here.

Wirtschaftsmagazin GEWINN

27.02.2024 | The business magazine GEWINN took on the important topic of pension provision for women and interviewed Lena as an expert. The entire article can be read here.

Die Presse

21.02.2024 | Under the title “Geld im Griff”, the Austrian daily “Die Presse” organised a livestream on the most important money topics. Goran was invited to provide an important input right at the beginning. Check it out here!


19.10.2023 | Lena’s interview with the Rupertusblatt focussed on financial education in the family and how to teach children sustainable money management skills right from the start. .

Café Puls

18.10.2023 | Café Puls invited Goran to speak about financial education and “Bildung & Beratung Geldleben”. Watch here!

St. Pöltner Kirchenzeitung

11.10.2023 | Women face particular challenges when it comes to financial security. Lena spoke to the St. Pöltner Kirchenzeitung about this important topic.

Trending Topics Podcast

13.10.2023 | Financial education for the youngest was the topic of the Trending Topics podcast that Julia spoke about with Šemsa Salioski.

Mahlzeit Burgenland

25.09.2023 | Cooking is also a life skill. And so it was very fitting that Goran was able to talk about life skills in financial education at “Mahlzeit Burgenland”.

Der Standard | Trending Topics

25.09.2023 | At a press conference, Julia discussed the topic of financial education for young people with various stakeholders including the MEGA Education Foundation. Trending Topics and Der Standard reported on the event.

13.09.2023 | The opening of Bildung und Beratung Geldleben was reported in various media. The most important information can be found in this report by ORF Wien.

27.06.2023 | Even ORF took the opportunity to attend this year’s KARDEA! award ceremony. The Burgenland regional studio reported on the winners from SMS Oberschützen. You can read the whole article by clicking on the picture.

Mein Geld – Die Presse Podcast

19.06.2023 | Lena was a guest on the “Mein Geld” podcast and spoke to Susanne Bickel about money in a partnership. If you want tips and best practices on this topic, click on the image to access the podcast episode.

Kronen Zeitung

17.05.2023 | A press conference marked the start of intensive work on a serious game for pupils and young employees, which we are working on with the Burgenland Chamber of Labour. Click on the image for more information and the full article.

Salzburger Nachrichten

04.03.2023 | Lena spoke to the “Salzburger Nachrichten” about financial education needs during different phases of life and the “Servicestellen Geldleben” that are currently being set up. You can read the whole article by clicking on the picture.

Die Presse am Sonntag

08.01.2023 | In “Die Presse am Sonntag” Goran talks with other experts about whether the persistently high prices also affect our interpersonal relationships. To read the article, simply click on the picture or visit the Presse-website (subscription).

Photo of press article

Die Presse

16.10.2022 | Die Presse has been discussing whether or not children should get money for good grades. We are pleased that Lena was able to contribute with her expertise. For the whole article click here or have a look at the Presse-website (subscription).

Photo of article in "Welt der Frauen"

Welt der Frauen

01.09.2022 | The gender pay gap was a topic of the September issue of the magazine “Welt der Frauen”. Lena was invited to discuss causes and possible measures with Ursel Nendzig. You can read the interview here.

Wiener Zeitung

09.03.2022 | The daily “Wiener Zeitung” has played the SCHOTTERBANDE and wrote about it. The portrait can be read here.

Die Presse am Sonntag

06.03.2022 | Under the title “Women to the Stock Exchange”, the “Presse am Sonntag” presented initiatives that deal specifically with the topic of women and money. It is nice that our workshops in cooperation with the Vienna Stock Exchange and WIFI as well as our project GeldHeldinnen found a place in it. To read the article, just click on the picture or find the article here (€).

CSR-Guide 2022

02.03.2022 | The “CSR-Guide” is probably the most important reference in Austria for all those for whom corporate responsibility is important. Every year it provides an up-to-date overview of domestic companies’ CSR-relevant commitments. We are extremely proud to be presented as a lighthouse project in the current edition for the year 2022. Our company portrait can be read here from page 87.

Welt der Frauen

01.03.2022 | We had the opportunity to present our project “GeldHeldinnen” in the magazine “Welt der Frauen”. Also we talked about financial competency of women and the positive effects of good money management skills in general. You can find the article here.

Die Krone

30.01.2022 | The daily “Krone” asked, which role crypto currencies play in today’s financial environment. And Goran answered. Read the full article here.

Die Presse

14.10.2021 | Are you still saving or are you investing already? Only a few people in Austria invest on the capital market – even if they’d have the financial means. Read here, how to take the first steps and which checklists we recommend.


13.08.2021 | In an article for brutkasten, we talk about a very important topic regarding financial health: the 5 most common debt traps for young adults. You can read the full article here.


29.07.2021 | The Wienerin asked us what to do with small saving amounts – and Lena answered. If you’re curious to know how to maximize your savings rate and what to do with it, just click on the photo.

06.07.2021 | How to teach financial literacy to kids is a question many parents struggle with. Lena had the opportunity to answer the most frequent questions in a comprehensive interview with You can read the whole article here!

Die Presse

25.06.2021 | Financial education is not a luxury, but a necessity. With the daily “Die Presse”, Goran talked about the fact that financial literacy is not rocket science – especially not, if it is tailored to the specific target group and adapted to different life stages. Still, there is a need to catch up in the field. Read more about it and a “small educational reform” in this article!

Die Presse

09.06.2021 | During a round table discussion on the topic of women’s financial independence, Alexandra discussed causes, barriers and solutions with Marietta Babos, financial literacy platform “Damensache”, Florian Helmberger, Hello bank!, and Andrea Lang, Münze Österreich. Find the summary of the talk here.

Die Presse

07.06.2021 | Alexandra had the chance to speak to the daily “Die Presse” about our brand new game “Die SCHOTTERBANDE” and about financial literacy in general. Read the article here (premium) or click on the photo on the left.

Die Presse

05.05.2021 | During a workshop at the business school HAK Baden, Goran and the students discussed money and everything related to it. This resulted in an article for a project to foster economic competence of the Austrian daily “Die Presse”.

Niederösterreichische Nachrichten

07.04.2021 | Born and raised in Lower Austria, Alexandra had the opportunity to talk with the Lower Austrian weekly NÖN about the importance of financial literacy and how to convey money management skills at a young age already. Read the full article here.


09.03.2021 | The magazine “Woman” wanted to know what one should consider when joining finances with one’s partner – and Alexandra answered. Read her most important 4 tips here.


15.02.2021 | Alexandra from Three Coins talked to Alexandra from Fielfalt – not only about her work at Three Coins, but also about about more personal topics, like what financial freedom means for her.

das biber

03.12.2020 | Goran and das biber talked about money (what else?!) and why it’s especially important for young people to learn how to manage it well. Read the whole interview here.


28.10.2020 | For a feature in the Sheconomy magazine, Alexandra told them about Three Coins as an Edu-Startup. You can find the whole article here.

Schweizer Handelszeitung

20.10.2020 | The Swiss paper Handelszeitung has researched the products banks offer to children und youth. Within this scope, they asked Lena what aspects are really important when teaching kids about financial compentency. Read the interview here.

Trending Topics

07.07.2020 | Alexandra has talked about Holacracy with Lukas Kruppa for Trending Topics – what makes this form of organization so special, how did Three Coins adopt it and which advantages does it have for our daily life? Read the article here.

Die Presse

19.12.2019 | This year, the EDUARD-Camp, organised by the Austrian daily „Presse“ in cooperation with Erste Bank and under the patronage of the Austrian ministry of education, concentrated on the “Future of Money”. During 1.5 days 114 students attended workshops around this topic and we were happy to guide one group of them. Please read here, what the student journalists had to report.

Forbes daily

05.12.2019 | Forbes DACH has pulished a specific Austrian edition on the topic of money. Goran spoke about our work and our goals with David Hanny. Click on the photo to read the article or find the e-paper here.

Wiener Zeitung

21.10.2019 | The Austrian daily “Wiener Zeitung” describes how easy it is to fall into the debt trap – especially for young people. And they have also asked Goran for his expertise. Read the whole article here.

Kronen Zeitung

24.09.2019 | The Austrian daily “Kronen Zeitung” has asked us for advice on how to handle money responsibly. Just click on the photo to read the article.

Zeit im Bild 1

23.06.2019 | The daily news programme ZIB 1 reported on In-App purchases and has interviewed Goran on the topic. You can see the clip here.

Boston Consulting Group

13.06.2019 | The Boston Consulting Group published a report on the success factors for cooperations between start ups and corporate groups. Goran also got a chance to contribute. Read it here!

Wiener Zeitung

03.05.2019 | The daily paper Wiener Zeitung has addressed the topic of youth indebtedness and asked for Three Coins experiences. You can read the whole article online.


02.05.2019 | „If you ask children why they’s like to be millionaires, the answer: “Because I want to help other people!” When they grow up to be young adults, many of them are wondering, which BMW they should buy. That’s when I ask myself: What has changed in the years in between?” Forbes has talked to Goran about financial education and financial heros.

Der Falter

06.03.2019 | The weekly, Der Falter visited us at one of our workshops with youth workers and dealt comprehensively with the topic “financial literacy among youth”. Just click on the picture to read it.


12.10.2018 | Our Financial EmpowerCamp was presented in futurezone. And Goran was cited, “It’s about knowing how one stands in relation to tmoney, what it means as well as what values and attitudes are associated with it.” You can find the entire article here!

Trending Topics

20.09.2018 | Trending Topics lists us among the smartest EduTech start-ups in Austria. We are proud to be on this list with so many other pioneering organisations.

31.07.2018 |Consumption plays with our emotions and makes us spend more money than we actually have. has produced an interesting article and we are pleased to have contributed with our expertise. Just click on the picture to read it.

Die Presse

28.07.2018 | “Financial competency is a lever for many things, but above all for solving social problems,” says Goran in the daily newspaper Die Presse and encourages us to do something. Just click on the picture to read it.

Forbes 30 unter 30

04.06.2108 | Goran’s career has always been about promoting progress and challenging change, with equal opportunities always in the foreground. His commitment and path eventually led him to Three Coins … more on that here!

Vorarlberger Nachrichten

17.05.2018 | “Our apprentice training is about basic financial knowledge but also about self-reflection, about simple rules of thumb, about the conflict between need and want,” Lukas said during the interview with Vorarlberger Nachrichten. Click here to access the online article!

Die Presse

06.04.2108 | 26-year-old Goran Maric is the new CEO of the social business, Three Coins. You can see the whole article in Jobhopper by clicking on the picture.

Kronen Zeitung (Osterausgabe)

01.04.2018 | “Money is the biggest stress factor in our society. Every fourth person seeking advice on debt counselling is under 30 and, on average, owes 30,000 euros. The Austrian-based company Three Coins was founded six years ago with the aim of providing financial education to as many people as possible and especially to young people. The company operates in five countries and has received numerous awards.“

Wiener Zeitung

21.01.2108 | “Work environments are becoming less predictable and career paths are less easy to plan. We need new forms of training that are not just focused on individual subjects but provide a variety of skills, “says Goran at the “Work 2030” podium discussion of the Wiener Zeitung.