Three Coins

Our Approach

It is about human beings as individuals with their own values, ideas, fears and desires – and about being a pilot of one’s own financial life to positively change one’s own behaviour.

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The Challenge:
Good money management skills are taught poorly.

Our living and consumer reality has changed. It is fast, digital and influencing. That’s why financial literacy is much more than mere knowledge of interest rates and numbers.

The reasons for a lack of financial literacy are diverse. An excerpt:

  • Harmful behavioural patterns develop at a young age.
  • Digitalisation and new consumer realities bring new challenges.
  • Marketing activities start early and address children directly from a young age.
  • Peer pressure is growing.

Lack of financial literacy not only has a negative effect on personal freedom, but also on our society, the welfare state and national economy.

Financial Skill is a Life Skill.

Financial literacy is not (just) about numbers and interest rates. You need much more than theoretical knowledge to handle your money well.

Financial literacy, as we at Three Coins understand it, is reflected in the following essential capabilities:

  • To have your own budget under control
  • To show reflective consumer behaviour
  • To recognise external influences on your own behaviour
  • To be financially prepared for the unexpected
  • To set financial goals and achieve these
  • To plan ahead for old age

Financial competency is not rocket science. Anyone can learn it!

Convey complex topics in simple terms.

Managing money well is like cycling: You cannot just learn it in theory. You have to try it, sit on the bike and start pedalling. In order to fall less at the beginning, it helps if someone holds the wheel and practices with you step by step.

This is exactly how we support young people in learning how to manage their money in a sustainable way and to better understand and positively change their own behaviour.

Close to real life

Real problems need real solutions. Therefore all our formats are developed with focus groups and experts from the target group – so they have an impact on the reality of our clients.


Each new development is accompanied by scientific impact measurement – so we ensure that our formats really achieve the desired effect.

On an equal footing

We do not teach. We do not make value judgements. We are on an equal footing with our target groups and meet them where they are in their lives – with all their wishes and fears.


Our work is scientifically and educationally well-founded We orient ourselves using experience-based learning models and behavioural-economic approaches.


From birth we learn new things through playing. Unfortunately, this element is often lost – this is not the case with us. We work with gamification and playful elements to make behavioural changes perceptible.

On the pulse of time

Our world is changing with increasing speed. We take this into account in our solutions, work with digital approaches and pro-actively incorporate new technologies.