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Financial literacy for everybody

We go through different phases in our lives. In each of these phases, we make important decisions for the future. Money often (also) plays a role in this. That’s why it’s so important to deal with the topic of money and improve your own handling of it. Here you will find our financial education formats that are relevant for all target groups.

Bildung & Beratung Geldleben

Bildung & Beratung Geldleben (Education & Counselling) is the contact point for all questions and concerns relating to money. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, the Geldleben team provides free and independent support with personal advice and a wide range of educational programmes. In this way, we effectively support people in challenging times and make an important contribution to poverty prevention in Austria. The service can be accessed in person at one of the locations in Vienna and Graz or by telephone/online.

Gut mit Geld

The free online course “Gut mit Geld” (Good with Money), accompanies participants on their personal journey towards good money management. They are given the tools they need to overcome challenges and make sound (financial) decisions. The path to better money management is divided into four modules covering the following topics

  • Basics of good money management
  • Tools to keep track of your own budget
  • Thoughts and facts about consumption
  • Reflections on personal savings goals and tips on how best to achieve them. – AK-Infothek

In cooperation with the Chamber of Labour of Burgenland, we have implemented the “AK-Infothek”. The aim of the project is to provide all employees in Burgenland with the necessary information for a stable financial life on a compact website so that they can navigate well – even in turbulent times. Starting with the basic skills for good money management, through contact persons for subsidies and grants, to easy-to-implement tips and rules of thumb for financial well-being: AK-Infothek’s offer is diverse and intended to be easy to understand and well-structured along the phases of life.

Money Messenger for Money Heroines

Statistics and surveys clearly show that women face particular challenges in relation to money throughout their lives. This is why – in addition to structural changes – financial education is particularly important for women. Together with the state of Lower Austria and the wendepunkt association, we have therefore developed the Money Messenger. This programme provides the basics of financial literacy via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram for 6 weeks in personal messages – simple, low-threshold and interactive.

Brochures for women

Women face very specific challenges when it comes to their financial lives. We have therefore developed brochures on three topics in collaboration with the wendepunkt association and on behalf of the state of Lower Austria and LEA – the Austrian fund for the empowerment and support of women and girls:

  • Motherhood: Money and self-determination. Staying independent as a mother (Austria) – Download here
  • Motherhood: Money and self-determination. Staying independent as a mother (Focus Lower Austria) – Download here
  • Partnership: Mine, yours and ours. Money in the partnership – Download here
  • Retirement provision: Money in old age. Making conscious provisions – Download here

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