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Financial literacy for multipliers

Our aim is to convey financial education to as many people as possible. This is why working with multipliers is particularly valuable to us. Together with representatives from the respective areas, we work on formats that are easy to use and have the greatest possible impact on the target group.

Workshop for youth workers

Young people are growing up in a fast-paced, digital financial and consumer reality. Status and peer pressure are particularly strong in this target group. Therefore, young people need safe learning environments for a secure start to their financial lives.

Youth workers are in close contact with young people and know the realities of their lives. That is why it is particularly important to us to involve them as multipliers.

Our one-day workshop for youth workers shows ways to competently address the sustainable handling of money with young people. Participants are given tools to work with young people on their fears, wishes, attitudes and behaviour when it comes to money. This content was developed with experts from the fields of youth and social work, debt counselling and education.

Workshop for works council members

Works council members are important confidants for employees within their company. They are often aware of the life situations and challenges of their colleagues. Works council members are therefore also in a special position when it comes to money.

This workshop has been specially developed for works councillors and focuses on a mixture of theoretical principles of financial literacy and many practical tools for managing your own money well. Specific content includes behavioural psychology principles that influence our handling of money, as well as reflection on our own behavioural patterns. Personal financial management and retirement planning are also key topics. Rules of thumb and practical examples are used to ensure that what has been learnt can be easily implemented after the workshop.

All content is methodically prepared in such a way that the participants can also transfer the knowledge they have acquired to their company.

Workshop for counsellors

The topic of money affects almost all areas of our lives. This is why advisors are often confronted with questions about money outside of the financial sector. In order to be able to deal with these questions competently and confidently, we have designed a specific workshop for advisors.

The aim of the training is to provide participants with the tools they need to effectively communicate financial literacy to their clients.

As the handling of money is influenced by various factors, the workshop is very broad in terms of content and also includes topics such as methodology, didactics, behavioural psychology and general financial education, which are taught interactively and in exchange.

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